Project Description

Amboise’s Castle


Stakeholder : Amboise

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Architect : Trait Carré

Installers : Mercier / SPIE Sud Ouest

Manufacturers : Philips,  CJCJ, ETC

Light Points : 166


From the top of its artificial promontory which dominates the city, the lighting of the Amboise’s Castle is grand and neat.

The distant vision is magnified by counter-diving effects. Its illumination emphasizes either its defensive character or its royal character.

The near vision is studied only for wandering at the foot of the castle, it is softer, suitable for strolling at night.

The projectors used are LED projectors, offering the possibility of creating different scenarios that adapt to the events of the year, the life of the castle and the city. Visitors can rediscover this lighting throughout the year.


Château AmboiseEclairage architectural Château Amboise