Project Description

Berges de la Liane

Boulogne-sur-Mer (France)

Contracting Authority : City/CAB

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Master Builder : Arietur, V2R, Mageo

Manufacturers : Eclatec, Selux, Hess

Installer : Citéos


Different sequences are marked by a specific light treatment in order to maintain both originality and harmony all along the Berges de la Liane.

The water theme, main part of the planning, is reflected by purple color accents.
Under bridges, images projectors boost the atmosphere.
Along the watercourse and on places, color points scatter on the ground for a playful aspect. Pedestrian crossings are secured thanks to a marking on the ground.
Some trees and urban elements are highlighted in order to create visual cues and to structure the night landscape.

Berges de la Liane