Project Description


Côte d’Albâtre

Stakeholder : Côte d’Albâtre

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Master Builder : Lyum

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturers : Iguzinni, Prisma, Concept Light


Into the bunker, the interior lighting of the site offers contrasting lighting and respectful of places in memory of the Second World War. Spotlights blade light illuminate the room.

In a first room some projected images are linked to the life during the war with young people. Others represent a constellation of first names of various origins in the middle of the names of cities affected by the war.

In the second room a quote from Winston Churchill. « The more you will be able to walk away in the past the more you will see far into the future » is displayed on the walls.

This sober scenography makes it possible to collect in this place. The illumination of the walls valorizes the quotation and does not confine it in space.

Bunker Côte d'Albâtre