Project Description

Chapel Saint-Louis’s Dome


Stakeholder : APHM

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : STPEE

Manufacturers : Philips, Freevox

Programming : Lumières Utiles


The majestic dome is the most emblematic element of the site, its illumination aims to highlight its architectural strengths. This one is illuminated at 360° by distant projectors in a cold tint. Gray spotlights also emphasize its base. At the top, the lantern of the Chapel Saint-Louis’ Dome is bathed in light.

The scenarios proposed give life to the Dome of the Chapel during the various evenings.

In the classical period the atmosphere is soft, conducive to discovery with a warm white for the stone and a cold white on the slate. At weekends, the lighting is more dynamic, the variation of white tint is more accentuated.

In festive mode, all light points can change colors, turn on and off at the rhythms of the programmed scenarios. This enchantment, which is renewed each time, allows residents and visitors to discover a new face of the dome. At each start of the hour, the animation of the colored scenarios is more pressed.

In addition, a remote interface (Smartphone, tablet or internet) allows to control the scenarios. A schedule of scenarios is also predefined according to the events of the year.

Dôme Chapelle Saint-Louis Pitié Salpêtrière