Project Description


Saint-Martin de Ré

Stakeholder : Saint-Martin de Ré

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturer : Ludec

In brief : 2 streets and harbor

Overall Consumption : 7 kw


Saint-Martin de Ré is « the most beautiful example of an insular reduction » according to the association of the network of major sites of Vauban. Capital of the island of Ré, it bears the imprint of Vauban.

Christmas being commonly represented by snow and cold, the color code used is blue, night blue and white.

To create this atmosphere, the color of the street lighting in both streets and on the port is blue. The spruce-flocks are white under the white light of the spotlights. Images of snow and stars dot the path of these original illuminations.

The work carried out with the Technical Service of the City has made it possible to set up a perennial lighting that adapts to the season without incurring any additional cost. The concept can therefore evolve easily by drawing new images or modifying the color code.

Noël Saint-Martin-de-Ré