Project Description

City beautification


Stakeholder : Lille, Lommes & Hellemmes

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Cofely Ineo & Citeos


Due to their very imbricated configuration and their very close architecture, the municipalities of Lille and Hellemmes benefit from a clearly identifiable and culturally focused common plan. Then, the important vegetation of Lommes, from which it takes its name, has directed the light plan on a work about the green color. The theme of nature is also approached by projections of images. The overall light plan is organized around classical enhancement and festive enhancement.

Classical architectural lighting is essentially suitable for visitors. It allows them to travel the city at night and to discover the history and the buildings from another angle.

Then, the festive lighting is addressed mainly to the inhabitants, used to see their monuments illuminated in a classic way. These are particular highlights that blend contemporary art with the idea of ​​sustainable development. They can also be an opportunity for tourists to discover monuments from another angle.

Plan lumière Lille