Project Description

City Hall


Contracting Authority : Vernon

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Manufacturers : Martin, Freevox, CJCJ, Philips

Installer : Citeos


The city hall of Vernon highlight is architectural. It enhances the building’s front wall.
The projectors show some architectural details. Light effects in top and bottom view give a new vision of the monument enriched by a subtle enhancement.
The steeple is lit and becomes visible and recognizable from afar in Vernon. Then, the roofs and the edges are also lit in order to highlight the city hall geometry.
A building interior lighting gives some relief to this highlight.
Finally, the lighting can be dynamic to adapt itself to the city different events.

Using the same projectors as those of the classic highlight, we plan a colorful scenario. Two projectors with dynamic effects are also added during festive period and bring the building to life. The dynamic color changes punctuate the staging to renew the magic.

Hôtel de Ville Vernon