Project Description

Clisson’s Castle


Stakeholder : CG44

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Engineering Consultancy : Artelia

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturers : Platek, Philips, SBP

Overall Consumption : 3,3 kw


The Clisson’s castle was classified as a historic monument in 1924. It is the cradle of an exemplary rehabilitation which makes it one of the jewels of the Loire-Atlantique. The defensive architecture of the site is unveiled by a subtle play between the light, the darkness and the hues used. Then, the dynamic lighting tells the story of the castle, sometimes a defensive bulwark, sometimes a place of jubilation. The stone is highlighted by the positioning of the light sources which bring out all the asperities.
Each visit is then a new discovery. Indeed, to limit the phenomenon of weariness, different scenarios of highlighting have been implemented. They are remotely accessible and triggerable from a user-friendly web page. The castle of Clisson thus possesses the appropriate habit of light in all circumstances, depending on the events it welcomes or the time of year.

Château de Clisson