Project Description

Event Lighting

Arcachon (France)

Stakeholder : Arcachon

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : SPIE

Manufacturers : Meyer, Showtec

Avancement : 10 streets, 2 city entrance, 1 urban park

Overall Consumption : 45 kw


Climatic and seaside resort, an important fishing and pleasure port, an important commercial center, the town of Arcachon is visited every summer by nearly 90 000 summer visitors, and, during the off-season, some weekends for nearly 15 000 people.

Learn, share and attract, here are the key words of the project of the master plan of the festive illuminations (SDIF) of Arcachon. The proposals for illuminations and atmospheres are based on criteria of historical, urbanistic, architectural, etc. They then offer the city a nocturnal identity festive original and rewarding.

The festive illuminations represent a privileged moment in the year to animate the city. Lights of color, projections of images, a musical and sonorous dressing and magic takes possession of the places. The population rediscovers its city and tourists flock to walk in this extraordinary world.