Project Description

Geneve’s Avenue


Stakeholder : Divonnes-les-bains

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Salendre Réseaux

Landscape Architect : Atelier Fontaine

Engineering Consultancy : Viatec ALTUS

Manufacturers : Ludec, Comatelec


The public lighting of the Geneve’s Avenue in Divonne les Bains, a French spa town on the shores of Lake Geneva, has been totally redone as part of its redevelopment. This avenue is the busiest in the city.

Its layout was designed to completely rethink the entrance to the city in order to adapt it to the variety of transport (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, public transport …), as well as to give it a more natural and more Adaptable to its environment

Water has always been a decisive element in the city of Divonne.

It is from this idea that the lighting of the city was designed. For this project, a public lighting mast has been specially developed to make it suitable for its environment. The DIVA mast offers a natural, tree-like look that fits perfectly into the green surroundings of neighboring areas. It perfectly enhances the entrance of the city, giving it a visually welcoming and convivial. Its white light is respectful of human vision and requires little power. It also makes it possible to bring out the vegetation and the volumes of the buildings. The lighting of the fountains offers an illuminated landmark, announcing the aquatic theme of the city. The jets of water are directly illuminated, and pillars around the roundabout highlight the basin at the center of it.

Aménagement lumière Divonne-les-bains