Project Description

Jardin des Arts (Arts Garden)

Le Touquet Paris-Plage

Contracting Authority : Le Touquet Paris-Plage

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Manufacturers : Martin, Freevox, Selux, SGM

Installer : Citéos, Le Touquet Paris-Plage


During the highlighting of the Jardin des Arts, the image projectors give a stunning and fairy effect to the garden. The site is constantly in motion as the pedestrians’ comings and goings.
The snowflakes are gently lining on the ground and neighborhood trees.
New scenarios are regularly suggested. For Valentine’s Day, the garden is dressing up with pink notes. For the July 14th, blue, white and red colors remind the French National Day. Seasons are also celebrated : cool blue in winter, amber and yellow in summer. Same for the parc des Pins’ walk.
The municipal services can remotely control lightings via a tablet. With this system, services can change light scenarios and music broadcasting.

Jardin des Arts le Touquet Paris-Plage