Project Description

La Sorbonne


Stakeholder : Paris

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Manufacturers : Meyer, Concord, Targetti



FIRST USE : EXHIBITION The general lighting of the chapel is subdued. No glare is allowed whatever the direction of the glance. The frescoes are dimly lit and the architecture of the chapel is very little emphasized to avoid multiplying the points of attention of the visitor.

The chapel then becomes a bright environment that accompanies the exhibition but is not the main subject.

SECOND USE: REPRESENTATION It is a question of foreseeing the artistic uses requiring the setting up of a main stage. It would be ideally placed at the crossroads. Fastening systems would have to be provided in order to place temporary decors and spotlight lighting systems. The development of the chapel remains minimalist in this case.

The emphasis is on the stage and must be able to adapt to the type of representation it welcomes.