Project Description

Notre-Dame Church

Rivière (France)

Stakeholder : Rivière

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturers : Reggiani, Concord, Targettti

Overall Consumption : 4 kw

Light Points : 64


On the banks of Vienna, the Notre-Dame church (XIth and XIIth centuries), of Romanesque style is entirely painted with fresco. The design is based on a homogeneity of color around 3000K (lightly golden hue) in the nave.

Only the crypt has a warmer light. The vault is put into volume by spotlights placed on the transverse beams.

Then, the paintings are illuminated like paintings with a uniform light that respects the original colors. The use of metal iodide lamps allows very little heat release.

Eglise Notre-Dame