Project Description

Parc de la Rabière


Stakeholder : Joué-lès-Tours

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturers : Holight, Platek, Coemar, Thorn, Concept Light

Overall Consumption : 2,8 kw


Located near the city center, and not far from a tram station, le Parc de la Rabière did not benefit from night-time development before this project. This lighting must allow people to walk there at night and to own it.

The whole park is illuminated whether it be the ground, the trees or the facade of the buildings in ways to create a world of daydreaming. Images on the theme of nature are projected throughout the park. They can easily be replaced to evolve the staging. The objective is to avoid the black holes created by the massive vegetation, and to offer a more pleasant atmosphere and conducive to wandering. The trees are illuminated on several levels to give volume to the landscape. They create a framework around the Environment House already illuminated.

Parc de la Rabière