Project Description

Porte Dauphine

La Rochelle

Stakeholder : La Rochelle

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : SPIE

Landscape Architect : Virginie Segonne Debord

Manufacturers : Poulsen, Comatolec, Ludec, SBP, Hoffmeister, Pulse

In brief : Railway stop (2500 m2)


The Rochelle-Porte Dauphine station is one of the two railway stations in the city of La Rochelle. It is located at the eastern end of the hyper-city center, not far from the Porte Dauphine.

A gentle and careful lighting supports the perception of the site as a place of tranquility. It is a question of positioning itself in a global approach to ensure maximum visual comfort for all users.

The objective is threefold :

  • Ensure the safety of the users by setting preferential paths,
  • Allow energy savings by proposing a material performing and adapted,
  • Set up a zone visually comfortable and pleasant by playing on the space and Highlighting the site’s strengths.
Porte Dauphine La Rochelle

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