Project Description

Quand je serai grand


Stakeholder : Tours

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Music and Sound Designer : Neo Sonnix

Installer : Ineo

Manufacturer : ETC

In brief : 1 week, 55 000 participants


The National Day of Light 2010 was the occasion to offer an unprecedented moment of sharing. Thus the history of the Town Hall of Tours was told, for the happiness of the small and the big.

For the lighting of the Town Hall of Tours, we imagined the evolution of the respect of the architect Victor Laloux between the age of 8 years and the age of 46 years, to the imaginary Work. The 8-year-old begins by drawing the Town Hall with a pencil and then using a construction set. A fairy intervenes and makes the actual build of a magic wand. It is then the turn of the architect of 46 years to realize his childhood dream, more this time, his gestures are precise, without erasure: he builds the model.

Observing his finished work, he then remembers the dream of a little boy.

Quand je serai grand Tours