Project Description

The “Nuits Solaires”

Montrésor (France)

Stakeholder : Montrésor

Project Manager & Lighting Designer : Lyum

Music & Sound Designer : Neo Sonnix

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturer : Platek

In brief : 2 months of projection over 3 years / 7000 participants per year


Every day during the summer, in Montrésor, ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of France, the verges of the river « Indrois » enjoy a sound & light show to sublimate the castle and the town center.

From the path, the walker can admire the castle overlooking Montrésor as well as its reflection in the Indrois. Its round towers, windows and slate roof are highlighted by projectors. A set of shadows and lights highlights it without crushing the volumes, but rather by bringing out its elements of relief.

The ram benefits from a lighting from both inside and outside, in order to invite intrigued passers-by to approach and admire the ingenious device.

The laundry is enhanced by lighting installed under the beams. It gives it an unreal raft effect floating in the air and reflecting on the Indrois. For trail markers, the shafts are illuminated by colored spotlights.

This highlighting makes it possible both to highlight the trail and to enhance the species that mark the course. The effect is also seen from the center of town with the reflections of light in the stream that winds there.

Nuits solaires Montrésor