Project Description

The Old Mill and Tourelles Castle

Vernon (France)

Stakeholder : Vernon

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Citeos

Manufacturers : Philips, Freevox, Martin, CJCJ, Technilum

Programming : Lumières Utiles


The architectural lighting of The Old Mill and Tourelles Castle of Vernon is based on the effects of low-angle viewing on the turrets and lighting of the surrounding vegetation, thus completing the picture. Interior lighting in the dovecote and the openings give life to this lighting. During festive periods, effects projectors add animation by projections of animated elements on the towers.

The lighting of the Vieux-Moulin is also architectural, so it highlights the volumes of the monument as well as its particularity to be built on a bridge. For this purpose, animated effects projectors recall the movements of water under the arches.

The entire dynamic installation allows the permanent renewal of the site. Interior lighting also brings life to this lighting as if the building was in operation.

Château Tourelles Vieux Moulin Vernon