Project Description

The Walk of Iton

Evreux (Normandy, France)

Stakeholder : Evreux

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installers : Lesens, Forclum

Manufacturers : Eclatec, Meyer, Platek, Extérieur Vert

In brief : 750m length


The city of Evreux needed to reconnect with its historical identity and architecture throught the Walk of Iton.

It is within this framework that the reflection on public lighting in the vicinity of the Walk of Iton was inscribed. The accomplishments of lighting along the Iton incite the inhabitants to reappropriate their city by the walk and the historical rediscovery of its banks. They also develop, and especially, the tourist activity. This light route is divided into several geographical or historical sections. Its homogeneity is guaranteed by public lighting using the same sources as on the project of the « Discovery of the Iton », realized in 2002. The materials used are similar to ensure a coherence and aesthetics to the whole, all federated And marked by a symbolic markup on the ground.

Promenade Iton Evreux