Project Description

Place de la Tranchée


Contracting Authority : SITCAT, SET/TRANSAMO

Lighting Designer : Lyum & Daniel Buren

Master Builder : Boille, ASTEC

Installer : Citéos

Manufacturers : Ludec, Targetti, Color Kinetics, Lek


Thanks to the architect’s work, Daniel Buren, the space public lighting of Place de la Tranchée has been designed in order to be safe and enhanced.
Thus, each of the Buren’s columns faces are lit uniformly. The black and white edges have to stay in the shadows, unlike the roundabout’s edge which is lit.

The road public lighting is ensured by a several masts scheme which not hinders the drivers.
One fitting light is directed towards the road and another is directed in a way to illuminate the parking spaces’ driveway.

The marking is made with recessed light points drawing islands’ lines. Trees are also highlighted with a recessed floor projector.

Finally, the school’s facade is not forgotten because it is highlighted with several recessed arranged in order to highlight the building’s strong elements.

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