Project Description



Stakeholder : Case-Pilote

Lighting Designer : Lyum

Installer : Getelec

Manufacturers : Sermeto, Sill, Wibre, Philips

In brief : Waterfront (4000 m2)


Case-Pilote established a partnership with the Bâtiments de France which led to redefining the design of the structure on the Rivière Case-Pilote. The objective is to create a coherent development along the entire waterfront that is part of the overall project to develop the village.

The idea is to bring a new dynamic to the city and allow everyone to enjoy a novel night show combining functional lighting and enhancement. Strong constraints are linked to this project: to support human activities (fishing, tourism, trade, etc.), respect the natural environment (protected species present on the site), adapt the equipment to an extreme environment (tropical environment , Cyclone, …) and integrate in a sustainable development approach (including energy savings).

The presence of many protected species, especially tortoises, required special attention to the quality of the lighting. It was important not to light the water, which could have hampered them. The technology used to concentrate the light beam and to limit the leakage of lights. These projectors have been carefully oriented to avoid light nuisance and glare.

Front de mer Case-Pilote